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  • Highly competitive.
  • Qualifications:
    • Teams to have players that have club/travel tournament experience.
    • This league is not for recreational teams that have not had the playing experience in club tournaments.


  • This league is not age driven.
    • Players are required to be part of the following Future High School Classes
      • Class 2026, 2027, 2028
      • On the roster form name of school and current enrolled grade is to be listed and signed by the player parent or legal guardian.
      • High school players playing on a high school team are not eligible.


  • Minimum 11 players on the roster
  • Maximum 20 players.
  • Initial roster due by March 18, 2022. This is to add team to the league accident insurance policy. Email roster to kinobbl@comcast.net
  • ROSTER FORM CAN BE FOUND AT kinobaseball.com or requested by contacting email kinobbl@comcast.net
  • Last day to add players is Sunday, April 3, 2022
  • Team can be made up with a one, two or all three future high school classes.


  • Regulation size field: 90-foot bases/60’6” pitching distance


  • Maximum length is 34 inches
  • Bat must be stamped either USABat, USSSA or BBCOR .5
  • Bat drop -8 or heavier is required.
  • Any bat that does not have any of these stamps is considered illegal for use.


  • No innings or pitch count limitations
  • Coaches are responsible to monitor pitcher use and the health and safety of their arm.


  • March 1: Teams interested in playing in this league required to pay $250 deposit. (SEE ENTRY FEE SECTION BELOW FOR PAYMENT PROCESS).
  • March 12-13. Pre-season scrimmage games that will be scheduled and teams will be evaluated by the Kino Baseball staff to verify team’s ability to compete at the level required for this league.
  • March 14. Schedule will be developed based on the teams accepted to play in the league.
  • March 19-20: Season begins
  • Number of Game: 10
  • Post-season tournament after the regular season has been completed. The format will be determined once the final list of teams has been included on the game schedule.
  • Season End: May 7
  • Team is permitted one (1) black out weekend. More than one black out weekend, the team will not be accepted to play in the league.
  • Days of Play: Weekends and weeknights.  Teams need to be available to play during these days.
  • Game time: Weekends 9:00 AM, 11:30 AM; 2:00 PM; 4:30PM; Weeknights 7:00 PM.
  • Fields: County and City fields (Curtis, Arthur Pack, Reid Annex Fields).
  • Hamilton HS Huskies (So. Chandler Baseball Club) will once again be on the game schedule. The Huskies will make the trips to Tucson, and teams from the league will be scheduled to play at Hamilton HS in Chandler.


  • Saturday, May 14, 2022 – 7:00 PM; Kino Stadium.
  • Coaches from the teams will select players to develop into two (2) teams that will play in this first type of all-star game for these grade level of players.
  • The league will coordinate and develop the rules of selection that the coaches will be required to follow.


  • $1,600
    • DEPOSIT: $250 due by March 1, 2022
    • BALANCE $1,350 paid by March 18, 2022
    • NOTE: $250 Deposit is 100% refundable if team is not selected to play in the league.
    • Payment can be made as follows:
      • Cash; Check (one check—no individual parent checks); Cashier Check or Money Order.
      • Credit Card (add 4% to payment) Call: 520-730-2506 to make credit card payment.
      • Zelle using 520-730-2506 as point of entry to the league Zelle account.
    • Entry Fee covers the following operational costs:
      • Umpires; Field Prep; Game Baseballs; Insurance; Post-Season awards.


  • Medical/Accident insurance is provided as excess coverage to a family’s primary health care plan.
  • Coverage is for $25,000 per claim.
  • Coverage is for the identified period of the league March 19 through to May 14.


The umpires assigned to the league are from the Southern Arizona High School AIA chapter that are high school level umpires who work freshman, jayvee, and varsity games.


  • Two (2) dozen game baseballs are issued to each team for the regular season.
  • If additional baseballs are needed the cost to purchase $52.00/dozen.
  • Two (2) baseballs per game are issued to home plate umpire prior to the game.
  • Team responsible for chasing down foul balls hit out of play on their side of the field.
  • League provides the game baseballs for the post-season tournament.


  • The following post-season awards to be presented:
    • Championship: Individual
    • Tournament Finalist: Individual
    • Champions: Team award
    • Champions: Banner


  • League schedules staff to put out the bases and prepare the pitching mound and home plate areas, around each base. Includes lining for foul lines, batter’s box.
  • Teams are responsible for complete clean up of their dugout upon completion of their game.


  • Players: Require professional appearance.
    • Matching colored jerseys with a number on the back.
    • Baseball pants
    • Cap
    • Metal spikes permitted


Teams selected to play in this league must be 100% committed.

Teams will be permitted one (1) black out weekend for tournament play.  Any additional black out weekends, the team will not be accepted to play in the league.

Team needs to be available to play both weekends and weeknights.


  • March 1: Deadline for $250 deposit.
  • March 13-14: Team scrimmage games
  • March 15: Game schedule developed
  • March 18: Initial team roster submittal deadline.
  • March 19: Season opens
  • April 3: Last day to add players to the team roster.
  • April 24: Regular season Ends
  • Week of April 25 through to May 7: Post-season playoffs
  • May 14: League All-Star Game 7:00 PM Kino Stadium




Saturday May 14: League All-Star Game 7:00 PM Kino Stadium

The game will feature 29 players as selected by the coaches who played in the league during the spring season.

Gates will open to the public at 6:00 PM. Player introductions scheduled for 6:25 PM

Team Kino Coach: Mike Brownstein, Rollin Baseball

High School All Stars

Team Sonora Coach: Josue Ortiz, Rebels

High School All Stars

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