American Legion


League | Competitive | Age: 13 – 19


Jun 3, 2023 – Jul 8, 2023

Signup opens February 20!

American Legion Baseball is a national institution, having thrived through a world war, several national tragedies, and times of great prosperity as well as great despair.

Since 2010 the Kino Baseball League has offered to high schools the opportunity to continue playing after their spring season has completed in a summer league that has been designed for player evaluation, development and to be competitive.

There are no club all-star teams that play in the league. It is high school versus high school.

The league requires that every game maintains scores for all games.

The league offers a post-season tournament for those teams that wish to continue to play for a championship.

The adage “It’s only summer ball” is one that does not fit into the league vernacular. Coaches, players, parents that utilize this adage are those that use it as an excuse if a player or game does not have a positive result. Those programs that take the summer seriously will be the ones that see success down the road.

American Legion Baseball enjoys a reputation as one of the most successful and tradition-rich amateur athletic leagues. Today, the program registers teams in all 50 states plus Canada. read more

Congratulations to Post 7 Tucson

Post 7 Tucson captured the prestigious 2023 Arizona State American Legion Championship. Post 7 will advance to the Legion West Region tournament. The winner of the West Region advance to the American Legion World Series in Shelby, North Carolina.

2023 American Legion Champions


Player eligibility is based on high school graduating year.  Player age limitations is not a requirement

  • Jayvee Division (Graduating Classes of 2025-26-27-28)
  • Varsity Division (Graduation Classes of 2024-25-26-27)
  • Players can move up on down. Exception: Player that is from the Class of 2024 is not eligible to play on a Jayvee Team.


  • June 3 to June 24 = 10 games
  • June 26 to July 8 Post Season Division Tournaments

Teams will have the opportunity to continue to play after the regular season in a playoff format to determine the division champions.

The dates presented are subject to change based on weather cancellations during the season.

Teams are required to be flexible when it comes to making up games.


  • Monday through Saturday
  • No games are scheduled for Sundays


  • Weeknights: 7:00 PM. There will be an occasional 5:00 PM game.
  • Saturdays: Mornings and evenings

Games that are cancelled due to weather will be re-scheduled.


  • Kino Sports Complex (Home of Kino Baseball League)
  • Reid Annex Fields
  • County Parks: Curtis, Arthur Pack, Littletown
  • Nogales War Memorial
  • School Fields: Douglas, Mica Mountain, Sahuarita, Hamilton (Chandler—Jayvee team)


Travel will be required to games scheduled at:

  • Douglas High School: Saturdays (day games)
  • Nogales War Memorial: Weeknights
  • Hamilton High School: Saturday (morning games)


CLICK HERE to register player.

Coaches will not be chasing down money.

Fee Schedule:

  • $175.00 + .329% credit card fee from February 20 to May 20
    • Payment plan is offered to parents
      • $85.00 payment is offered from February 20 to March 31.
      • Balance of $90 is auto charged to the parent credit card on May 15, 2023
      • Starting April 1 full payment of $175.00 will be required.
    • Registration fee goes to $195 starting May 21 to May 31

Refund Schedule:

  • 100% February 20 to March 20
  • 50% March 21 to April 21
  • 25% April 22 to May 20
  • 0% after May 21 and for the remainder of the year.


What is covered under the player fee?

  • Field rental/light usage cost; Umpires; baseballs; medical/liability insurance.


The league provides medical/accident insurance to all registered players.  Player that needs medical treatment, the parent health care insurance is the initial primary plan used.  After deductibles have been satisfied, then the league insurance which is a excess policy, will pay any remaining medical cost.


Respect the game.  Players to be in matching-colored jerseys with a number on the back.

Players to wear baseball pants and a cap.

Coaches to dress appropriately.  They are not required to dress out like is required during the spring high school season.


The Kino Sports Complex is the home of the Kino Baseball League since the league’s inception in 2010.

The fields are professionally maintained, and the facilities that include restrooms, concessions, covered bleacher seating, and lawn common areas for chair seating are clean daily, compared to City and county fields that the league uses are prepared by a group of staff that are hired by the league to get the fields ready for each game.  There are no concession facilities, but there are restroom facilities at city and county parks.

The Kino Sports Complex is not a public park.  It is classified as a “district” that is in the business of turning a profit by attracting events to the various facilities.   The city and county parks are under the jurisdiction of the Tucson Parks and Recreation and Pima County Natural Resources which are not in the business of turning a profit.

Due the large number of teams that participate in the Kino Baseball League, there are not enough city and county fields that can accommodate our operation; therefore, a majority of summer league games are played at the Kino Sports Complex due to the multi number of baseball fields that are available.

Playing at the Kino Sports Complex comes with a price tag that is extremely more than playing at city and county parks.   Along with the cost of field rental and light costs, the league is required to pay for ancillary support cost that include county event staff, cleaning staff (custodian for restrooms), security and athletic trainers from Banner Medicine and Orthopedic every night that the league plays.  All this cost adds up, and therefore to offset these costs admission is charged to the public daily.

The player registration fee that you pay covers the cost of umpires, baseballs, insurance, and a small percentage of the field and light costs that the league is charged.  To cover the costs of the ancillary costs at Kino, admission must be charged.     There is no admission charged at city or county parks because of less cost responsibility on behalf of the league.

The Kino Sports Complex also has various policies on what items can and cannot be brought in.  These policies are posted on the Kino Baseball League website and will be sent prior to the start of the season to all coaches that participate in the summer league to communicate with the families.


League Rules & Policies


All inquiries and requests are to be emailed to: [email protected].

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