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Fall League Information and Team Requirements

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  1. OV Mets
  2. Freedom Fighters
  3. Cochise Baseball
  4. Hills Baseball


  1. Tucson Champs
  2. Hills Baseball
  3. Rebels
  4. Blue Jays
  5. Cochise Baseball
  6. Pacesetters

12U Wood Bat

  1. OV Mets
  2. Red Rock Rattlers
  3. Hills Baseball
  4. Tucson Aztecs
  5. Rollin Baseball
  6. Coyotes
  7. AZ Angels
  8. Blue Jays


  1. Oro Valley Mets
  2. Tucson Champs
  3. Aztecs
  4. Hurricanes
  5. Nogales Outlaws
  6. Tucson Aztecs
  7. Dirtybirds
  8. Rollin Baseball
  9. Cochise Elite
  10. Rebels
  11. Safford Muddogs

Freshman Division

  1. Hills Baseball
  2. Outlaws
  3. Aztecs
  4. Future Stars
  5. Rebel Reb
  6. Sierra Vista Prime
  7. Sierra Vista Stars & Stripes
  8. Sandlot
  9. Mountain Vipers
  10. Bat Cats

Prep League-Junior Division

  1. Riverhawks
  2. Bat Cats
  3. Roughriders
  4. Hills Baseball
  5. St. Augustine
  6. Red Raiders
  7. Cobras
  8. Canyon
  9. Los Lobos
  10. Firebirds Red
  11. Firebirds White
  12. Tucson Champs

Prep League-Senior Division

  1. Riverhawks
  2. Bat Cats
  3. Roughriders
  4. Hills Baseball Blue
  5. Hills Baseball White
  6. St. Augustine
  7. Red Raiders
  8. Cobras
  9. Los Lobos
  10. Firebirds
  11. Barons
  12. Cactus Cats
  13. Monsoon 2.0
  14. Bobcats
  15. Rollin Baseball
  16. Bolts




The following information is on a “planned” Kino Baseball Fall League season. The season is predicated on directives and orders from state and local governments. The plan is to have a season, but it must be understood that the league will only move forward providing conditions will allow for the priority of the safety and health of all participants and approval with field permits from the county and city.


The Kino Baseball League has currently posted its safety and health plan as it relates to COVID19 as well as the Pima County resolution regarding face coverings. This plan is a working document and revisions and updates will occur as we go through this period of mitigation in a safe and positive manner that will permit for the priority of the safety and health of the players, coaches and spectators that participate in the Kino Fall League. It is fully expected that all teams that play the Kino Fall League will adhere to the requirements and recommendations of the safety and health plan for players, coach, and spectators no exceptions.

In order to maintain as much routine that can be accomplished during this time, spectators are required to follow the Pima County resolution regarding face coverings when in public place and cannot maintain a continuous physical distance of at least 6 feet from all other persons.

It is understood that families have the option of either participating or not participating.

Strongly recommended that each team develops their own safety and health mitigation plans.


The following are team entry requirements and policies for teams to review before they decide to enter a team in the 2020 Kino Baseball Fall League program.

The policies and requirements that are outlined are to ensure that the players, coach, and parents fully understand to what the expectations are for competing in the Kino Baseball Fall League.

The Kino Baseball League reserves the right not to accept any team that does not meet these requirements.


The Kino Baseball Fall League is a competitive program for age divisions 10U through to 15U.  The Kino Fall League is NOT a recreational or developmental type of league.  The teams that participate in the league are mainly experienced players and teams.  Teams that have not played in a competitive environment may want to re-consider before entering the Kino Fall League.

If you have a team that is looking for development, then possibly the Little League Fall Training and Development (TAD) program may be best suited for your players.

We wish to assure that every young athlete has the opportunity to play at the skill level that they are comfortable with the ability to enjoy playing the game.  Nothing is worse than having a team that needs further development playing in a division with teams that have more playing experience in a competitive setting.  The results are never positive.

Teams that play in the Kino Baseball Fall League play for championships.


The Fall season game scheduled will be modified this year due to the COVID-19 to include:




Coach is to email the league at kinobbl@comcast.net noting interest in what division they wish to play in.  This does not guarantee a spot in the league until the following steps are accomplished:



Mastercard and VISA

The entry fee covers the cost of:




The Kino Baseball 2018 Fall League will consist of the following divisions:

There must a minimum of four (4) teams to sanction and schedule a league.





Banner University Medicin
Banner University Medicine is the official sports medicine partner of the Kino Baseball League.  Banner University Medicine and the Kino Baseball League is offering this option to families that participate in the any Kino Baseball League season a benefit of having the opportunity to have direct and expedited access to the Banner Health System.

In the event of an injury, Banner University Medicine can quickly assist your athlete scheduled for an evaluation, MRI, X-Ray, or any other healthcare need.  There is no obligation to participate and there no fee associate with pre-registration process.

To assist Banner University Medicine in the expedition of your athlete’s care, it is recommended that your player pre-register in the Banner system to avoid delays in scheduling.  If you would like to be pre-registered in the Banner Health System (good for any Banner Hospital in Tucson, Phoenix and Colorado, please complete the form that is listed as APPENDIX A and email to the league.

The league will forward the pre-registration form onto Banner University Medicine.  Again, this is optional



Effective September 1, 2020 it is required that all managers and assistant coaches that participate in a Kino Baseball League sanctioned season must have one of the following coaching certifications.

  1. Valid Arizona teaching certificate, Arizona coaches certificate or has completed each of the following criteria from the National Federation High Schools (NFHS) on line (nfhs.org) Level 1 Certification to include:
    1. Fundamentals of Coaching
    2. 1st aid safety and current CPR certification
  2. Certification of having completed each of the following NFHS online (nfhs.org) FREE courses.
    1. Concussion in Sports
    2. Sportsmanship
    3. Heat Illness Prevention
    4. Protecting Students from Abuse
    5. Bullying, Hazing and Inappropriate Behavior
  3. Effective for the 2020 fall season, ALL coaching personnel must take the following FREE on-line certification programs through the National Federation High Schools (nfhs.org)
    1. Bullying, Hazing & Inappropriate Behavior
    2. Protecting Students from Abuse
    3. COVID-19 for Coaches and Administrators
  4. The league requires that the team manager and at minimum three (3) assistant coaches have the certifications: IMPORTANT: The requirement part 2a-2c is for only new coaches to the league that did not coach in 2017-18-19.
  5. Requirement 3b, 3c is required of all coaches including those that coached in 2017-18-19.
  6. These on-line courses in requirement 2 are FREE. Courses in requirement #1 there is charge that the coach pays directly to the NFHS.   This requirement is for only those new coaches to the league that did not coach in the fall league in 2017-18-19.
  7. Copies of certifications are to be scanned and emailed to the league at kinobbl@comcast.net
  8. DEADLINE FOR SUBMISSION of certificates by email (kinobbl@comcast.net) due on/or before September 19, 2020.
  9. Certificates to be emailed (kinobbl@comcast.net) in pdf format.
  10. Upon successful completion of the required coaching certification programs:
    1. Coach is required to email to the league copies of all certifications obtained.
    2. Upon receipt of the certifications by the league, the league in turn will email back to the coach their 2020 All Access Certification receipt that they are to download and print out to have on them during the season when they are the field.
  11. PENALTY: Coach not meeting this standard will not be permitted to be in the dugout or on the field of play during a league game until the certification standard has been met.
    • NOTE: Any umpire or league official may ask a manager or coach to see their certification receipt. PENALTY:  Failure to produce the certification card will result in the coach being removed from the field for the game.








Adult coaches set the example for their team when it comes to how they conduct themselves during a game.  Debating or questioning calls with the umpires is part of the game, but it is how one conducts themselves during their interaction with the umpires that determines if a coach remains in the game without being ejected.

Using profane language, doing damage to equipment, kicking dirt, physical contact with an umpire, non-stop talking to the umpires regarding balls/strikes, judgment related calls, unsportsmanlike conduct of any kind are causes for an individual getting ejected from a game.

The policy of Kino Baseball League regarding conduct is as follows:


The permits and contracts for fields from the city, county and school districts require the league to be responsible for the safety and security of the players, coaches and spectators that attend games.

Coaches are responsible for controlling their spectators.  If the umpires request coach’s intervention with any spectator, it is fully expected that the coaches will assist.  Failure for a coach to assist, the umpire has full authority to eject the coach from the game.

Spectators can be ejected from the park.  Failure for ejected spectator(s) to leave the park, the game will be suspended by the umpires until the ejected spectator(s) have left the park.  If the ejected spectator(s) fail to leave, the law enforcement will be contacted to have the individual(s) removed from the park.

Spectator(s) can be banned from a public park if their conduct becomes a detriment to the safety and security of the players, coaches, umpires and those spectators around them.




email: kinobbl@comcast.net
phone: (520) 730-2506

Banner University Medicine
Orthopedics & Sports Medicine – APPENDIX A

Banner University Medicin

To assist in the expedition of your athlete’s care complete the following information and submit back to the Kino Baseball League.  There is no obligation to participate and there is no fee for registering.  Free benefit.

If you have questions about the pre-registration with Banner University Medicine, please contact the information listed at the bottom of this form.


Banner University Medicin
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  1. As participant in the Kino Baseball League I acknowledge, agree and represent that I voluntarily choose to participate in the league, baseball related activities, and other activities incidental to the league organized by the Kino Baseball League.
  2. I understand that there are risks and hazards involved in participating in the league and related activities that may result in injury and/or death to me or to other participants.
  3. I understand that these risks and hazards include, but are not limited to, risks and hazards associated with playing conditions, equipment, other participants, and officials and risks and hazards caused by the negligence of the participants and others, including the organizers, persons assisting them, and the facilities owner.
  4. I understand that the very nature of the game of baseball is hazardous and risky, including, but not limited to, the acts of throwing, hitting, and catching the ball, running, jumping, stretching, sliding and collisions with other players and with stationary objects all of which acts can cause serious injury to me and to other players and officials.
  5. I understand that there may be risks and dangers that are not known to me or that are not reasonably foreseeable at this time.
  6. I accept and acknowledge the increased risk of contracting COVID19 while participating around the league and it facilities which the league rents for sports events.
  7. I assume all risks and liability and HEREBY RELEASE, INDEMNIFY, AND HOLD HARMLESS the Kino Baseball League, OTHER PARTICIPANTS, and any FACILITIES where the game are played.
  8. I understand and will comply with any and all of the rules/guidelines set forth by the league(refer to kinobaseball.com/policies) and the facility owner in order to participate such as but not limited to self -assessment and agree to remain home if I have any of the CDC identifiable symptoms,  physical distancing, wearing face covering, sanitization practices, game rules and field use changes/limitations.
  9. I voluntarily accept and assume all risks or injury incurred or suffered by my player while participating in the league while attending and observing league activities or others, and while on or upon any and all facilities in which the league activities are conducted.
  10. In consideration of accepting to participate in the Kino Baseball League, I hereby for myself, my heirs, executors, and administrators agree to waive, release and absolve, indemnify, and hold harmless the Kino Baseball League and associated sponsors, their executive boards and officers and directors, and teams, the organizer, supervisors, participants and person(s) transporting me to and from this activity from any and all claims arising out of an injury to me except to the extent and in the amount covered of liability held by the Kino Baseball League.


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PARENT/LEGAL GUARDIAN NAME (Print):                                                                                   

PARENT/LEGAL GUARDIAN SIGNATURE:                                                                           ___

PHONE NUMBER PARENT/LEGAL GUARDIAN:                                                                       



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To fill out roster form, download and print PDF.

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