Mission Statement

Kino Baseball is administered and managed by a nine person committee that has over a 100+ years of volunteer experience with youth sports. We strive to be objective while managing the league and in decision making.

Our mission is to develop and provide competitive, structured and administered seasonal baseball leagues for teams in Southern Arizona to compete in established divisions consisting of players ranging from age 10 through 25.

KBL is strictly for the competitive and serious players and teams. KBL is not a recreational league! Our leagues are for skilled players who wish to compete against other highly skilled players and teams in Southern Arizona from Marana to Nogales and Ajo to Wilcox . KBL offers various structured competitive age divisions and seasonal leagues to meet the needs of youth baseball in Southern Arizona ranging from open divisions for club team to specific divisions for area high schools programs.

KBL is affiliated with the Babe Ruth Baseball program out of Trenton, New Jersey for various seasonal competitive leagues that offer the opportunity for team advancement thru state, regional and national competition. Teams that enter the seasonal leagues and have been identified by the KBL for such competitive affiliation must adhere to all Babe Ruth Baseball age division structures, rules and regulations. Teams registered with KBL and Babe Ruth Leagues will have accident and liability insurance coverage for players and coaches.

Local league rules will be crafted to fit the various age divisions and seasonal leagues. Teams that enter will have full authority and autonomy over their team regarding discipline and playing time. KBL will not get involved with any team policies or regulations.

KBL desires to create programs/leagues financially affordable to the community. Finances are obtained through Team Entry Fees, Sponshorships and Gate receipts.