Player Profile and Registration

Please follow the >> PLAYER REGISTRATION link to register.
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If you are new to the Kino Baseball League registration process, see the instructions below as a guide for quick and easy registration.

Sports Illustrated Play – Player Registration Instructions

  1. Select the “Player Registration.” link above or find it as a sub menu item in the Player Profile and Registration.
  2. If you have an account, login at this time. If not, create an account. If creating an account, please use parent contact information.
    1. Select “Register to Play/Participate”
    2. Select “New Child”
    3. Enter player information and select “Save” when finished.
  3. Next select Age Division and “Register as a player”
  4. Complete questions regarding grade level, team name, etc.
  5. Complete emergency contact information
  6. Agree to the Consent Form
  7. Select “Checkout” if this is the only player in family (If others, select “Register Additional Players” and repeat process).
  8. Complete check out and submit online payment. (Visa and MasterCard are accepted)
  9. Confirm order by selecting “Complete Order” and keep copy of registration receipt for your records.
  10. Select “done” when all members are registered
  11. IMPORTANT – Now review “Account Settings” to make sure all parties that need information via email/texts from team coach and KBL are in the system. Make sure all contact information for Player/Parents are up to date & save.

If you need help with the registration process, fill out the following form to submit a request: or

For further assistance with Registration, contact Bill Leith at by email or call 520-730-2506.

For more information on the Kino Baseball League, visit our website: or Facebook