American Legion

All players interested and committed to playing American Legion Baseball are required to register and pay the required fee on-line.  Click on the following link that will take you to the registration page.

To assist families during the current health situation the following changes have been implemented:

    • Total registration fee is $145.00
    • Payment plan now available: Parent registers player using credit card pays $50.00
    • There is no automatic charge to an individual credit card in March or April.
    • May 15 parent credit card will be charge $47.50, and then another $47.50 and final credit card charge on June 15th.
    • 100% refund if the season is cancelled due to the health situation.
    • No refunds once the season starts.
    • Form 2 – each player that is register this form is to be completed and turned into you. Form is downloaded from your legion account.
    • Proof of Birth: Only for those players that will be playing legion for the 1st time, they will need to give you a copy. Players that played 2019 and later I have on file. Copy of player driver’s license, passport or state issued birth certificate is acceptable.
    • Copy of School ID: 2019-20 school year for all players listed on roster to be given to you.
    • Team Certification: Right now scheduled for Saturday, May 30–9:30 AM at the Kino Event Center (former YMCA on the north side of Kino Sports Complex). All I will need submitted on 5/30 is your Form 2’s. If you advance to the state tournament then you will need to have copies of proof of birth and player student ID from 2019-20 school year ready to be presented to Tournament officials.
    • Change for 2020: Total enrollment permitted (10th-11th-12th grades) has been pushed from 5,000 to 6,000.