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  • On-Line Registration
2017 Tucson Tigerz

13u Tucson Tigerz in Babe Ruth Pacific Southwest Regionals

The Jayvee & Varsity schedule with results is a PDF document – click to view.

The rules in PDF format, click to view.

Please follow the >> PLAYER REGISTRATION link to register.
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If you are new to the Kino Baseball League registration process, see the instructions below as a guide for quick and easy registration.

Sports Illustrated Play – Player Registration Instructions

  1. Select the “Player Registration.” link above or find it as a sub menu item in the Player Profile and Registration.
  2. If you have an account, login at this time. If not, create an account. If creating an account, please use parent contact information.
    1. Select “Register to Play/Participate”
    2. Select “New Child”
    3. Enter player information and select “Save” when finished.
  3. Next select Age Division and “Register as a player”
  4. Complete questions regarding grade level, team name, etc.
  5. Complete emergency contact information
  6. Agree to the Consent Form
  7. Select “Checkout” if this is the only player in family (If others, select “Register Additional Players” and repeat process).
  8. Complete check out and submit online payment. (Visa and MasterCard are accepted)
  9. Confirm order by selecting “Complete Order” and keep copy of registration receipt for your records.
  10. Select “done” when all members are registered
  11. IMPORTANT – Now review “Account Settings” to make sure all parties that need information via email/texts from team coach and KBL are in the system. Make sure all contact information for Player/Parents are up to date & save.

If you need help with the registration process, fill out the following form to submit a request: https://kino.siplay.com/RegSystem/Help/SupportRequest or

For further assistance with Registration, contact Bill Leith at kinobbl@comcast.net by email or call 520-730-2506.

For more information on the Kino Baseball League, visit our website: kinobaseball.com or Facebook https://www.facebook.com/kinobaseballleague.

The Kino Baseball League in coordination with Sports Illustrated Play will begin requiring players wishing to play in the 2017 13U Spring Season and the 13-15 and 16-18 Summer Divisions to do on-line registration and payment directly to the league.

This individual registration and payment process is for ONLY the spring and summer seasons. The fall and winter leagues at this time will remain the same where the individual teams will collect their fees and pay the league.


  • The league’s liability insurance carrier is requiring that the league begin having a record of players who participate with the league and that there is an authorization process in place that the parent or legal guardian agree and authorize their athlete to participate in the Kino Baseball League.
  • It will provide the league the accurate number of players that are participating in the league that can be forwarded onto the city and county parks departments who now request participation numbers from the various leagues and sports organizations that use these fields.
  • The league through it’s affiliation with Babe Ruth Baseball will now offer medical/accident insurance for every player that registers and pays on-line. (See Insurance information for more details)


  • Players wishing to participate in the Spring 13U and Summer seasons must register and pay on-line in order to be eligible to participate and be eligible for the medical/accident insurance benefit.


  • $135.00 per season. This includes credit card and merchant transaction fees that come associated with doing on-line registration.


  • Visa or Master Card. There is no cash or checks accepted.


  • The registration fee covers the costs associated with umpires, game baseballs, field maintenance and rental and any light costs,,medical accide/liability insurance and any post-season tournament awards.


  • All players that play in the spring or summer seasons must register and pay.


  • The policy is noted as part of the player registration agreement.


  • March 1, 2017. Team must have minimum 12 players registered and paid in order to be included on the league game schedule.
  • March 11, 2017. is the last day for player to register on-line and pay. Registration is closed after this date.
  • Spring Season: March 18 to May 7
  • May 1, 2017. Teams must have minimum 12 players registered and paid in order to be included on the summer league game schedule.
  • May 15, 2017 is the last day for a player to register on-line and Registration is closed after this date.
  • Summer Season: June 3 to July 15


  • With today’s high cost of health care and the uncertainity of health care, the Kino Baseball League through it’s affiliation with Babe Ruth Baseball have the opportunity provide the best possible medical benefit coverage that will support our families and give them peace of mind as it relates to the players and coaches through K+K Insurance.
  • $250,000 per accident for each insured player that covers practice sessions, league scheduled games and tournaments.
  • NOTE: The maximum limit is reduced to $100,000 per accidental injuries during team or group travel to or from the site of a covered event under the superivision of a coach or designated representative of the league.
  • The benefits provided under the plan are in excess to any vailid and collectable coverage. In the absence of othe coverage, the policy provides primary benefit coverage.
  • Treatment and care by a physician, surgeon, or registered nurse
  • Hospital stay or outpatient care in a hospital.
  • Emergency amblulance services
  • Prescription drugs and medicines
  • X-Rays
  • Dental expenses are covered only if required because of injury to natural teeth.
  • You can go to any physician, therapist, hospital under this benefit plan.
  • The deductible applies to each person, that are insured (registered and paid in full players, managers and coaches listed on the team roster) during practice sessions, league games and tournaments.
  • The deductible per person may be satisfied as the result of one or several accidents to that person which occurs during the season of coverage (coverage runs through January 31, 2018).
  • After the $100 per person deductible is satisfied, they do not need to pay for another deductible during the coverage period. Additonal medical expenses which are eliglble under the plan will be up to the limits of the policy.


  • Only those players that have completed the on-line registration and full payment. The players are covered not only for the spring or summer season that they participate in, but will also be eligible for benefit coverage if they play in the Kino Baseball Fall and Winter programs.
  • Player that participates on a team and gets injured during a practice, league game or tournament and has not registered and paid on-line is not covered under this benefit and the team will forfeit a league or tournament game for having an illegal non-registered player, plus the manager will receive a suspension by the league.


  • Yes, but it is the responsibility of the tournament team manager to provide a roster to the league prior to the team’s participation so the league can notify the insurance carrier. EXAMPLE: Team wishes to play in a tournament in Phoenix, players that are on this team and have registered and paid to play in the Kino Spring or Summer Leagues are eligible to be covered, but the league must notify the insurance carrier of this fact in the event there is a claim submitted.


  • Once the registration process is complete, the data collected on each player registered is sent by the league to the insurance carrier to have on file and ready for verfication during the season in the event a claim is filed.


REGULAR SEASON – June 3 to June 30

NUMBER GAMES – Minimum 11

DAYS OF PLAY – Monday through Saturday

GAME VENUES – City, county, school fields, Kino Sports Complex, Nogales, Douglas, Hamilton High School/Chandler

PLAYER AGE CUTOFF – May 1st, 2017–Player turning 16 prior to May 1st not eligible to play in this division.

PLAYER REGISTRATION – www.kinobaseball.com
Click on “Leagues”
Click on “Summer”
Click on “13-15”
Set up account and proceed to register and pay for the player

REGISTRATION FEE – $135.00 up to May 1, $160.00 after May 1st

REGISTRATION TIME LINE – May 1 – Team that wish to play in the league must have minimum 9 players registered and paid for in order to guarantee spot on the game schedule.

LAST DAY TO REGISTER – May 15th No further registrations accepted after this date.

BAT SPECIFICATION – BBCOR .50 stamped on bat.

INSURANCE – Every player that has registered and paid will be eligible for medical/accident insurance benefit provided by the league through Babe Ruth Baseball. The benefit covers the individual player through to January 31, 2018.

POST SEASON National Babe Ruth SUMMER TOURNAMENT – Teams will have the opportunity if they wish, to NATIONAL BABE RUTH participate in the post-season Summer Tournament series that runs from July 5th SERIES to the end of the World Series August 17. Divisions of play include 14U and 15U Levels of play are State, Regional and World Series.