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March 12 to April 30
Games played on Sundays
7 games
Field Size: 70 foot base distance/50 foot pitching distance
Age Cutoff: May 1, 2017
Bat Specification:
Solid one piece wood bat (ash or maple)
Wood composite bats not permitted
Maximum length is 33 inches


The objective of the Sunday Spring 11U Division Developmental League is to offer the opportunity for players to continue their progression and growth playing the game on the 70 foot base/50 foot pitching distance field. It also permits teams to bring as many players as they wish each Sunday to obtain this development and evaluation opportunity.

Score will be maintained for each game. There are is no standings maintained, no post-season tournament, no awards issued.


The league be played under Official Baseball Rules (OBR) and all Kino Baseball League safety rules and policies with the following inclusions:


  1. Player turning age 12 prior to May 1, 2017 is not eligible for this division.


  1. Unlimited from week to week permitted


  1. Six (6) innings or 2:00 hours whichever comes first.
  2. Inning starts it must be completed. There is no sudden stoppage of play.
  3. No extra innings played if game is tied after 6 innings.



  1. Continuous Batting order is permitted.
  2. Line ups still required to exchange at the pre-game meeting with the umpires.
  3. No moving of players up or down in the line up is not permitted.


  1. Pitcher may pitch maximum two (2) innings for the day.
  2. Balks will be called by the umpires.
  3. All pitching regulations under the auspices of the OBR rules


  1. Unlimited defensive substitution. Do not have to report to the umpires for this league.
  2. No courtesy runners permitted.


  1. Barrel size may be either 2 1/4″ or 2 5/8″ in diameter
  2. Maximum length is 33 inches
  3. Composite barrel permitted with 1.15 BPF stamped on the bat with any drop permitted.


  1. Players must be in full baseball uniform that includes matching colored jersey with a number on the back, baseball pants and hat.
  2. Metal cleats are NOT PERMITTED


  1. League will provide to each team game baseballs prior to the start of the seaosn.
  2. Teams are required to present two (2) game baseballs to the umpires at the pregame meeting at home plate.
  3. Teams are responsible for shagging foul balls that go over the fence on their side of the field.
  4. After the game is over the umpires will drop the baseballs on the ground for the teams to split up.


  1. League will provide each team line up cards to be used during the season.

There should be absolutely no reason why any coach or player should get ejected in this type of developmental league, but if there is an ejection from a game:

  1. Coach: must leave field immediately and go directly to the parking lot for remainder of game and shall be the next scheduled game. No appeals, no calling the league to compain about the umpire.
  2. Player: Remains in the dugout with the team, unless the player parents wish to remove the player from the dugout for the remainder of the game. Player shall be required to attend team’s next schedule game in uniform and remain on the bench. Player does not participate in any manner prior to or during the game.
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