American Legion


Returning Player is defined as a player who played in 2016 on a Tucson Area “A” American Legion League team.
New Player is defined as a player who has never played on a Tucson Area “A” American Legion League team.


American Legion Baseball competition in 2018 is open only to players born on or after January 1, 1999.
Returning players who are enrolled in college and have eligibility remaining must return to the same team they played
for in 2017. They are not permitted to transfer and play for another team.
New players that did not play on an American Legion Area “A” team in 2017 and is enrolled in college (2017-18 school
year) are eligible to play but must play with the legion that is near their home residency.


Form #2 – Required of both returning and new players. This form can be obtained from your team manager who has
the ability to download and print out the form from the team’s account through the American Legion website. Proof of
Birth – NEW PLAYERS are required to provide a copy of proof of birth. Acceptable forms of proof of birth include:

  1. Records of birth that are an original or a certified document by the State, Department of Health or
    other governmental agency authorize to certify birth documents.
  2. State issued driver’s license, or a state issued ID card.
  3. United State government issued passport.
  4. United States government issued military ID or dependent ID card.

The league has on file copies of proof of birth for all returning players.

FORM 76 – Is required for players player’s that are released by a legion team and goes to play with another legion
team. This form is required to be completed, signed and submitted at time of registration.

FORM 6 – Dual Participation is required for players that will be playing on other summer league teams. This is form is
required for both new and returning players.

Form 2, Form 76 and Form 6 can be obtained from your team manager.


Both new and returning players must provide to the league (copy will be made at the time of registration) current 2017-
18 School photo ID. School ID from 2016-17 or older will not be accepted. EXCEPTION: College enrolled players who
have eligibility remaining are required to submit 2017-18 College ID.


Saturday, May 19 – 9:00 AM to 1:30 PM

Sunday, May 20 – 12:00 PM to 5:00 PM

Doubletree Hotel Reid Park 445 South Alvernon Way, Tucson.

This will be the only two dates for player registration. After May 20th the league is not accepting any further



The league is fortunate to have the support of local American Legion Posts and business sponsors that provide
financial support that allows for the players to play at an affordable rate. If a player wishes to play American Legion
baseball is with the understanding that loyalty and priority is to play with their legion team. Missing legion games
during the season to go practice with a weekend travel club team is not acceptable reason when in some facet that
every player is being financially supported in some manner by a legion post or business sponsors.

If a player cannot commit and meet the participation rule and standard set forth, then it would be best that the player
does not register to play in the league.


In addition to providing the required player registration documents, all players will be required to at the time of
registration to pay the established player registration fee in full.

A player’s registration will not be accepted unless the registration fee is paid in full at the time of the registration.

There are no partial payments or scholarships.

Cashier checks, money order or personal checks are made payable to: Area “A” American Legion.

Cash payment for registration is accepted.

No debit or credit cards accepted at time of registration.


50% refund if requested on/or before May 31, 2018

Zero refund after June 1, 2018


All inquiries and requests are to be emailed to: