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2021 High School Softball All-Star

Class of 2021 Only

Game Schedule

Field 1 – Kino Black 1 vs Kino Gold 3
Filed 2 – Kino Back 2 vs Kino Gold 4

Game Day Time Line

5:30 PM Players report to pick up jersey
5:30 PM Gates Open to the Public
6:00 PM Field 3 Players and Coaches assemble for introductions.
6:15 PM Field 3 Player Introductions and National Anthem (Brian Alday, Emcee)
6:35 PM Each team gets 7 minutes of infield/outfield warmup on field
6:50 PM Plate meeting with coaches
7:00 PM First Pitch


Sports Park General Admission

5:30pm – Gates open to the public
$4.00 per person ages 13 through adult
Free 12 and under
Free 2 coaches per team

Kino Black 1 Roster

2021 Softball Kino Black 1

Teresa GarzaBenson Bobcats
Lilly SpeerBenson Bobcats
Evelyn BrubakerDesert View Jaguars
Alixis PadillaFlorence Gophers
MacKenzie FentonMarana Tigers
Ashley FieldsMarana Tigers
Ariana GarciaMarana Tigers
Lelia RouhaniMarana Tigers
MacKenzie BarneyMountain View Lions
Nalani CordovaMountain View Lions
Amay BoostedtVista Grande Spartans
Brooklyn FloresVista Grande Spartans
Asiah BellCanyon Del Oro Dorados

Kino Gold 3 Roster

2021 Softball Kino Gold 3

Emily DarwinBenson Bobcats
Kayla ShermanBenson Bobcats
Breanna HaywardCienega Bobcats
Kinsey GarciaCoolidge Bears
Carys LynchCatalina Foothills Falcons
Angelina CamenRincon Rangers
Analisa GomezRincon Rangers
Savannah SchneiderSahuarita Mustangs
Cassidy MorrowSahuaro Cougars
Alyssa AguilarSalpointe Lancers
Cassandra GonzaleSunnyside Blue Devils
Ahiza CarilloWalden Grove Red Wolves
Mila CamposCanyon Del Oro Dorados

Kino Black 2 Roster

2021 Softball Kino Black 2

Brooklyne PullisBenson Bobcats
Rheana OrtizCoolidge Bears
Precious SkinnerCoolidge Bears
Isabel TannabeDouglas Bulldogs
Victoria ValenzuelaDouglas Bulldogs
Mariah BogardPusch Ridge Lions
Natalie HillsPusch Ridge Lions
Alyxx GarciaSafford Bulldogs
Cerrina BarajasTucson Badgers
Lisette UrgurdezTucson Badgers
Jazzlyn JoaquinVista Grande Spartans
Isabel TrebesWalden Grove Red Wolves
Laura Vasquez SanchezRio Rico Hawks

Kino Gold 4 Roster

2021 Softball Kino Gold 4

Megan FahnholtzCoolidge Bears
Nia HernandezDesert View Jaguars
Vanessa BrinkEmpire Ravens
Alyyssa NavaEmpire Ravens
Vianae OchoaCatalina Foothills Falcons
Hailie MannMountain View Lions
Raina MolinaMountain View Lions
Joylynn NiegockiMountain View Lions
Mya CarbajalRio Rico Hawks
Kimmy McDanielSalpointe Lancers
Alex ChavezTucson Badgers
Brianna JorgensenVista Grande Spartans

2021 High School Baseball All-Star

Class of 2021 Only


Kino Teal 1A, 2A, 3A Roster

2021 1A-2A-3A Kino TEAL Southern Arizona Senior All-Stars

AJ ValenciaSt Augustine Wolves
Darren JuarezSt Augustine Wolves
Frankie MartinezSt Augustine Wolves
Jacob WiltshireSabino Sabercats
Joey ParkerSabino Sabercats
Mason FletcherBenson Bobcats
Mike BuchmannSabino Sabercats
Mike NewsomeEmpire Ravens
Nate RicheyEmpire Ravens
Nathan OrtizSabino Sabercats
Robert LopezBenson Bobcats

Kino Copper 1A, 2A, 3A Roster

2021 1A-2A-3A Kino COPPER Southern Arizona Senior All-Stars

Cameron WarrenEmpire Ravens
Hayden PalmerPusch Ridge Lions
Shane RodriguezEmpire Ravens
Brendan DobbinEmpire Ravens
Justin NicholsSabino Sabercats
Tyler WelshSabino Sabercats
Noah BevinsSafford Bulldogs
Dominic AcostaSt Augustine Wolves
Andrew MarcinkoSt Augustine Wolves
Justin ReynoldsSt Augustine Wolves
Luke SavelSt Augustine Wolves
Zeke EsparzaTombstone Yellow Jackets
Levi LawsonValley Union Blue Devils

Kino Teal 4A, 5A, 6A Roster

2021 4A-5A-6A Kino TEAL Southern Arizona Senior All-Stars

Austin GrimmBuena Colts
Josh WattBuena Colts
Esrael BarajasCholla Chargers
Ricardo GomezCholla Chargers
Paul CruzCienega Bobcats
Devin LopezCienega Bobcats
Andrew GutierrezDesert View Jaguars
Raul MorenoDesert View Jaguars
Dominique PalacioDesert View Jaguars
Gabriel PalacioDesert View Jaguars
Albert DominguezNogales Apaches
Brayan EspinozaNogales Apaches
Devin AlvarezSahuarita Mustangs
Andres GonzalezSahuarita Mustangs
Sergio PerezSalpointe Lancers
Tommy TooleTucson Badgers
Kenneth KroesTucson Badgers
Gerardo MungarayTucson Badgers
Christian OleaTucson Badgers
Anthony BolanosVista Grande Spartans
Erubiel OzunaVista Grande Spartans
James VelasquezWalden Grove Red Wolves

Kino Copper 4A, 5A, 6A Roster

2021 4A-5A-6A Kino COPPER Southern Arizona Senior All-Stars

Dante SchindlerCanyon Del Oro Dorados
Andrew StuckyCanyon Del Oro Dorados
Ruben EnriquezCatalina Foothills Falcons
Marcus SandersCatalina Foothills Falcons
Diego OchoaDouglas Bulldogs
Marco PenaDouglas Bulldogs
Cameron BasalduaMarana Tigers
Isiah RoebuckMarana Tigers
Cobi CopperMountain View Lions
Jacob RoepkeMountain View Lions
Karim SotoMountain View Lions
Alexi RomanPueblo Warriors
Jacob VegaPueblo Warriors
Steve GeigerRincon Rangers
Ryan ZunigaRio Rico Hawks
Sam SidesSahuaro Cougars
Diego SolanoSahuaro Cougars
Joe MartinezSunnyside Blue Devils